Episode 12: Travel the World for Free By Selling Hair Extensions

December 5, 2017

Episode 12 Summary

During this episode of Hair Biz Radio with Zakiyrah and Mikey, they discuss the importance of blogging in the hair business space, the basics of starting a hair business and how to travel the world for free while selling hair extensions. Learn how Zakiyrah and Mikey have grown their hair business with not just blogging and creating useful content, but by engaging and inspiring others through their 7000+ member Facebook group called Start a Hair Business.

They demystify the often overwhelming business start-up necessities such as setting up a tax id number for your business and establishing a business bank account and credit line.

If you want to find out how to travel the world for free – learn from the experience shared by Zakiyrah and Mikey in episode 12.

Show Notes

  • Zakiyrah and Mikey discuss having their busiest sales week ever with sale starting Monday before Black Friday
  • New up and coming hair products and Zakiyrah’s “The Daily PlanHer
  • Zakiyrah’s blog seeking great writers and how to learn to blog via Neil Patel, YouTube
  • What you need to start a hair business: business license, tax ID number/EIN number, business account, business plan checklist, logo, website, objectives, goals
  • Don’t overthink it trying to be too perfect – get started
  • Interaction in their Start a Hair Business Facebook group – over 7000 members
  • How to Travel the World for Free Selling Hair Extensions:
    • You have to be getting sales selling hair
    • Overseas vendors vs. Private label extensions and Dropship Bundles
    • You need at least 700 credit score
    • Business credit cards with great rewards programs
    • Accumulating sky miles with credit cards for free flights
    • Keep business profit and personal money separate
  • Using points with sky miles business cards for travel upgrades and free rooms and flights
  • Giveaway: Custom packaging hair bags and free logo if you leave a review on Hair Biz Radio page by the third week in December – they will pick a winner.

3 Key Points

  1. Blogging opportunities for Hair Biz as well as the overall importance of digital marketing through blogging for your own hair business.
  2. Don’t let the fear of tax id numbers and business plans slow you down from starting your hair business.
  3. Earn sky miles to travel for free with business credit cards.

Tweetable Quotes

“Sometimes, when you try to make everything so perfect…you’ll never get started.” –Mikey.

“As you’re getting sales, always use that credit card that is giving you points.” –Mikey.

“They didn’t spend the $5000 for that front row…first class seat, OK. It’s points!” –Mikey.

Resources Mentioned

The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s “The Daily PlanHer”
Zakiyrah’s Blog – Blog for Zakiyrah
Neil Patel – Blogging expert Neil Patel
Tax ID Number – IRS website for getting your tax ID number
Ink Business Cash Credit Card – Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

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