Episode 10: Most Popular Hair Extensions

November 29, 2017

Episode 10 Summary

On this episode of Hair Biz Radio Mikey and Zakiyrah talk about the most popular styles, lengths, and origins of hair extensions. They talk about what the first wholesale order should be and what works with your budget.

Show Notes:

  • Weekly recap:
  • Private Label Extensions partnered with Paint it Pink to give a full makeover to a breast cancer survivor.
  • Partnered with Dallas Christopher, he was the hair stylist.
  • Used the Spanish Wave sew-in extensions, three bundles.
  • Desiree of DZ Exclusive makeup did a full face glam.
  • Zakiyrah will share footage and pictures.
    • Mikey bought Zakiyrah a new microphone, Rode brand, to work on courses to get to the audience.
  • People don’t mind if your video’s a little crappy, but if the sound isn’t good it’s annoying.
    • Started Black Friday deals on Monday and broke sales records by 40%.
    • If you’ve never dealt with vendors from all over the world you don’t realize that sometimes Customs will hold back your order and you have no control.
    • Check out a previous episode that talks about email marketing – very important during the holiday season.
  • Sales won’t always provide a record profit.
    • Sales are a great time to get someone in the door, so people come back.
    • In wholesale, the margins are slim, in retail sales are more profitable.
    • Christmas is a great time to do a sale and acquire new customers
  • At what age do girls start wearing weave?
    • Some as young as seven, more normally around age 15.
  • What are the top five most popular bundles that are sold?
  • You can straighten it, wear it curly, etc.
  • The most popular lengths are 16, 18, 20.
    • Second is Loose Wave
    • Third is Straight
    • Fourth is Deep Wave
    • Five is Kinky-Curly
  • With straight hair, you measure from the top of the weft to the bottom.
  • For kinky curly, you take the end of the hair, pull it straight and then measure the true length.
  • If you’re a new store you may not be able to buy all five hair patterns:
    • Zakiyrah suggests purchasing body wave and a curly to start.
  • You can straighten or curl the body wave.
  • Start with 14 up to 22 or 24 – multiple lengths of each.
  • You can start with 12’s for bobs.
  • How many bundles do I need for a sew-in?
    • Check out the Private Label Extensions Blog
    • You need two bundles for a bob on average.
    • 14-18 inch would be three bundles if you’re doing a closure and frontal.
    • 18-24 inches would be four bundles.
    • Anything more is 4-6 bundles
    • With deep wave or kinky curly, it’s good to get an extra bundle
  • Most popular origins of hair:
    • #1 is Brazilian
  • Middle of the road great hair for a great price.
  • Budget-friendly, good quality, 100% human hair.
  • Good for a quick weave or a crazy color.
    • Top two tiers:
  • Vietnamese hair
    • Very coarse
    • Zakiyrah Ficklin uses this hair if she’s going to leave her natural hair out.
    • Blends perfectly.
    • Really good for blunt cut bobs.
    • Can last a couple of years.
    • Colors extremely well.
    • Minimal shedding.
    • Raw hair.
    • Most popular stores don’t sell Vietnamese hair.
    • Southeast Asian hair.
  • Indian hair
    • The natural wavy and curly patterns.
    • Most bundles are done by steam, but these are the natural curl patterns.
    • When you sew it in, it looks phenomenal.
    • Curly Indian hair is more expensive because it’s a lot more rare.
      • Only about 10% of Indian hair is curly.
    • Indian hair lasts for a long time.
  • What Mikey likes best about Asia – The food, nightlife, public transportation, friendly people, and it’s inexpensive.
  • What should be my first order?
    • Go to the Start a Hair Business Group on Facebook, this will show you everything you should get on your first order.
    • There’s great engagement in the group.
    • Thank you to the experts in the group who answer questions for people.
  • Next giveaway!
    • One of the top five things you should have before you start your business is a logo.
    • Mikey and Zakiyrah are going to give away a logo!
    • Leave a review and leave a comment to enter.
    • December 15th the winner will be announced.

Tweetable Quotes:

Sales are a great time to get someone in the door, so people come back.

Resources Mentioned:

Hairbizradio.com – Podcast website
Dropship Bundles – Private Label Extensions sister site
Private Label Extensions – Wholesale Hair Company
Rode Microphones
Start a Hair Business Facebook Group

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4 comments on “Episode 10: Most Popular Hair Extensions

  1. Shanyce Nov 29, 2017

    These are amazing tips on growing my hair business ! I have been looking for ways to expand and build my current business and these tips will help me out & the knowledge I am gaining will help me educate my customers more !!! Thanks so much for these podcasts !!!!

  2. Te'Onia Dec 1, 2017

    I need a logo so badly, so this is perfect. This company has benefited me so much, I love the blogs. I cannot wait to start my business so excited, but overall I’m happy I found PLE. I’m a freshman in college and so ready to start, but desperate for a logo. I paid someone $70 and I really don’t like it, such a waste of money. Everything you’re doing as a company is great, continue what you’re doing with helping others.

  3. When i decided to start hair extension biz. I thot it was just all about ordering bundles, posting pictures etc. But given the opportunity to join your facebook platform and all the education on your website i hv begin enlighted alot on my requirements in order to grow my biz as well as what to expect from customers and how to treat customers i cant mention all but
    Thanks so much for putting ur self out there by helping struggling and growing biz . Keep up the good together. Together we breaking Barriers and transforming LIVES God bless.

  4. Janet Ennis Dec 14, 2017

    PLE is definitely where it’s at. The knowledge, the tips, everything. I’ve learned so much in such little time.