Episode 24: Building my Business on Brows with Pallena Foreman

April 26, 2018

Episode 24 Summary:

During the 24th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Pallena Foreman, owner of Brow Bar ATL to talk about everything beauty.

Show Notes:

– Pallena grew up in the beauty industry and her father was a barber.
– At the age of 16, Pallena started doing makeup because a woman at her church was a celebrity makeup artist.
– Pallena learned makeup on Youtube and then went to cosmetology school to gain a firm foundation.
– When you have a vision, write it down and make it plain.
– When she quit her job, her parents turned their guest room into a studio for her.
– July 8th, 2017 was the grand opening of Brow Bar ATL in Jonesboro, Georgia.
– Pallena discusses what she looks for in the people who she employs.
– Pallena provides some tips for building a clientele base.
– Client follow-up is important, Pallena discusses her methods for keeping in touch when the initial service is over.
– Check out Pallena’s 1-1 makeup classes to learn how to do your own makeup.
– When you’re consistent in your work and get to know people, the success will come.
– Don’t upcharge celebrities, they won’t be back.
– Pallena discusses the products she uses and recommends.
– The first steps you need to take to start your business.

3 Key Points

– Employ the right people who already have a clientele base.
– Be consistent in your work and the success will come.
– Write down your business idea and get it registered, then go from there.

Tweetable Quotes

“Entrepreneurship is an emotional rollercoaster, especially when it’s your baby.”
“You never know who’s in the room and you are your own walking billboard.”
“Your card is your key into the door, if your face is on your card they’ll remember you.”

Resources Mentioned

Bookbrowbaratl.as.me – Pallena’s site
Find Pallena on Instagram @BROWBARATL
Contact Pallena at browbaratl@gmail.com

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