Episode 13: 2018 Means Making Moves With Mink Lashes

February 8, 2018

Episode 13 Summary:

Zakiyrah and Mikey spend episode 13 discussing the exciting new endeavors that they will be launching in this new year of 2018. One of those areas of expansion will be offering a wide array of mink eyelashes. Zakiyrah and Mikey share their reasons for moving deeper into the mink lashes business, how these fairly inexpensive products can increase your pool of customers, and proper etiquette for wearing lashes as well.

Enjoy the inspiring pep talks about putting your product quality before your branding, staying productive and organized with The Daily PlanHer, and the fabulous fox mink lashes that are coming in the future.

Show Notes:

● Zakiyrah and Mikey give an update on the new changes they have made for 2018
● Repeatedly doing things every day to master them is extremely important
● Zakiyrah explains The Daily PlanHer to help people execute their goals
● They discuss how they started selling mink lashes
● 3D mink lashes can be given away for free to get customers hooked on them
● Focus on getting customers and products before investing in fancy boxes
● Reinvest your profit to grow your business
● They have tested invisible bands for mink lashes
● Customer feedback is important to offering better products
● Faux mink lashes are coming soon
● Individual lashes placed on your eyes could damage your real lashes
● Don’t rely on family and friends to support your business, expand beyond them
How to get influencers by giving away free lashes
● Remove the glue after you remove your lashes
● Zakiyrah and Mikey talk about upcoming giveaways

3 Key Points:

1. Eyelashes are a low-cost giveaway that can bring in repeat customers.
2. Increase your product lines and customer base before investing in fancy branding.
3. Pay attention to what your customers like in order to pick the right products.

Tweetable Quotes:

– “Get rid of the distractions, and stay hyper-focused on each task.” – Mikey.
– “They say that you are the five people that you hang around.” – Zakiyrah
– “The good thing about the mink lashes though is that you can wear them up to 25 times.” – Zakiyrah.
– “You don’t have a business until you have a product and a customer.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned:

HairUniversity.co – Hair classes
@Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
Zakiyrahficklin.com – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success

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