Episode 22: Interview with Larissa Von from Stush Beauty Lounge

April 2, 2018

Episode 22 Summary

In episode 22, Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Larissa Von, a hair and make-up artist for television and owner of Stush Beauty Lounge in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Larissa shares her journey from learning make-up to starting her salon, her non-profit organization Queens That Serve, the Legacy of beauty empowerment brunch, and Silk and Spice products.

Show Notes

● Larissa graduated from Penn State University and went to ARROJO Cosmetology School and Make-Up Forever.
● She faced cancer at 11 years old.
● Special effects make-up and body paint were other skills that she learned.
● 2014 was when Larissa began trying to start up her salon.
● Larissa had the idea for Legacy of Beauty empowerment brunch and embraced collaboration to launch it.
● Stush is a Jamaican colloquialism for a person who acts and dresses “proper.”
● Legacy of Beauty brunch is being worked on to bring it to other cities in the future.
● Queens That Serve is Larissa’s non-profit organization to heal women through beauty.
● Silk and Spice is Karissa’s product line.
● Courses in doing your makeup in 10 minutes and television set etiquette are topics Larissa teaches.
● Study the industry, know the players, hone your skills, be an assistant, don’t skip levels, and build your brand.

3 Key Points

1. Start planning in advance, even before you are ready.
2. Don’t just pray for your goals, take steps towards them.
3 Study the game before you try to jump in.

Tweetable Quotes

“Really having faith and stepping out and taking action towards your goals is really how you get to the next level.” – Larissa Von.
“When you are trying to build a vision, you have to put the pieces together along the way. Everything isn’t going to happen right away.” – Larissa Von.
“Don’t stay stuck in a place expecting things to happen for you.” – Larissa Von.

Resources Mentioned

Silk and Spice – Website for Silk and Spice
@stushbeautyloungeatl – Instagram for Stush Beauty Lounge
Larissa – Website for Larissa Von
@xolarissavon – Instagram for Larissa Von
Queens That Serve – Instagram for Queens That Serve

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