Episode 6: Interview with Jewels Jones of Embrace Me Naturally Salon

November 14, 2017

Episode 6 Summary:

On this episode of Hair Biz Radio Mikey and Zakiyrah speak with Jewels Jones, a natural hair expert with over eight years of experience in the hair industry. Jewels talk about all the information you need to know as a new stylist. Jewels is also a freelance writer for Private Label Extensions.

Show Notes:

  • Be sure to go back to episode 5 to get details about the Hair Biz Radio giveaway.
  • Jewels’ background:
    • She got her start senior year of college doing other students hair.
    • Graduated and immediately enrolled in beauty school.
    • Started working in the salon environment in 2010.
    • Fell in love with natural hair and now works with curl definition.
    • Her specialty is curl training.
    • Her brand is Embrace Me Naturally.
  • Vegan products catered to natural hair.
  • The difference between natural hair extension types
    • People think about 4C as a tight unmanageable hair type.
  • People tend to do more weaves on this type of hair.
    • When it comes to textures and extensions, they need to find the kind that’s the most like their hair in its natural curly state.
    • 4C clip-ins are a good choice to add volume.
  • Why clip-ins instead of a sew-in?
    • Because people with natural hair need to wash it more often and can take clip-ins out.
    • Clip-ins are a great way to take care of your hair and not forget about it.
  • What is hair porosity?
    • The ability that your hair has to bring in water and then retain it.
    • If your hair doesn’t bring in water easily, you have low porosity. If your hair brings in water easily, you have high porosity hair.
    • One way to check your porosity is to spray hair with a water bottle. If the water sits on your hair, then you have low porosity.
  • How to maintain healthy hair if you wear hair extensions?
    • The main thing is cleaning your hair, shampooing every two weeks.
    • Make sure your braids and scalp are dry after shampooing.
    • If you allow your braids to air dry over 8 hours or longer, bacteria can be introduced.
  • Booth rent is not ideal when you’re starting off because you don’t know where your next money is coming from.
    • Jewels have always been a commission based stylest when working for someone else.
    • She began at an all Caucasian salon.
    • She learned a lot about cuts, coloring and customer service.
  • Customer service downfalls in salons:
    • Double or triple booking is not a good idea.
    • Not providing education – a better way is to consult for the first 10-15 minutes.
    • Not having the right intentions – don’t just do it for the money.
  • If you don’t do it for the right reason, you’ll always have a revolving door of clients.
  • Jewels wanted to take the leap into getting into her own space because she realized she was overworked and she couldn’t be a salon manager and stylist.
  • Speaking and teaching about curl training and natural hair theory is her passion.
  • Tying attention to detail and her self-doubt together caused her to spend countless hours on her business plan.
    • It took her more than a month to create a business plan.
    • She pays weekly rent to be in salon suites.
    • You get the space and some equipment already inside.
  • What do you need to bring into salon suite?
    • Products you want to use
    • Decorations – personalize your space according to your brand.
    • A scheduling system, checkout system, etc.
    • Cleaning supplies and other stock.
  • Jewels had one stylist who she trusts and brought her in after she was at the salon for a year.
  • Point of Sale (POS) system she recommends:
    • She uses Chase Bank to do transactions.
    • She likes all of her money to be in one place.
    • When you do transactions with your scheduling company, they take a large percentage of money.
  • How did Jewels brand herself, her salon and her product?
    • She just said she wanted her clients to be natural and embrace it.
    • She went to someone to get her logo done.
    • Things kind of fell in her lap, that’s how she knows this is her calling.
  • The struggle of starting a product line is:
    • Trust and money.
    • She started with one company and wanted to change some ingredients.
  • She didn’t trust the customer service and went with another company that gave her the full run-down.
    • Search product private labels, but disclose that you’re using a private label.
    • The vegan products Jewels uses are vegan and from a private label.
  • Why vegan products?
    • She loves vegetable proteins.
    • She’s trying to define what’s already there.
    • She wants to stick with a light, lasting product.
  • Why did Jewels have to move to bigger spaces?
    • She couldn’t take new clients anymore, so she knew she needed to have a bigger space so she could continue to take new clients and bring in help.
  • All of Jewels’ booking is done online.
    • She chooses to book online because a lot gets lost over the phone.
    • She needs people to read her policy, pricing, and duration of the service.
  • Jewels believe in referrals; she doesn’t just want anybody as her client.
    • She likes to know who her clients are and for them to know who she is.
  • Jewels use Vegaro for salon and spa booking.
    • Vegaro Costs $25 per month and another $10 per each additional stylist.
  • When people copy your branding, they have to wait for you to make a move. So you’re always going to be ahead.
  • Jewels use Wix for her website.
    • Mikey says to use WordPress for anything e-commerce.
  • Jewels’ Marketing Plan
    • Email marketing is a big focus.
    • Jewels uses YouTube and wants to start doing regular videos.
  • People want to see your vlog.
  • Next years priority will shift more to keeping up with social media and being the face of her brand.
  • Look at a low-cost CRM system to take care of customer service. Use a ticketing and support system.
  • Tips for new stylists:
    • Education.
  • The industry is evolving daily, keep taking classes.
  • Be intentional with and treat your clients well.
  • Brand your business.
  • Even if you’re an employee at a business, treat your job like you’re the owner.
    • You will bring value to the business.
    • It will open up a lot of doors.

Tweetable Quotes:

“When you walk into a salon, the experience is very important.”

“When people copy your branding, they have to wait for you to make a move. So you’re always going to be ahead.”

Resources Mentioned:

Hairbizradio.com – Podcast website
Dropship Bundles– Private Label Extensions sister site
Private Label Extensions – Wholesale Hair Extension supplier
Embrace Me Naturally – Jewels’ product line
Chase Bank – Bank you can choose to do your POS through
Vagaro – The booking service Jewels uses
Wordpress – Great platform to build your website on
Mailchimp – Email automation provider
GrooveHQ.com– Customer Relationship Management System

Find Jewels on Instagram: @embracemenaturally

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