Introduction: Who We Are & Why Listen

October 20, 2017

Episode – An Introduction Summary:

In the INTRODUCTION episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey share a short summary of their professional history and explain why they decided to launch a podcast exclusively focused on speaking to the needs and concerns of hair business entrepreneurs. They also preview what the Hair Biz Radio Podcast will cover on a week-by-week basis, and remind you to SUBSCRIBE to the program!

Show Notes:

This episode is An Introduction to the Hair Biz Radio Podcast!

  • In this episode, you’ll get an introduction to the Hair Biz Radio Podcast and its hosts, Mikey and Zakiyrah.
  • This podcast is a long time in the making.
  • This is just the audio version, but in later episodes, there will be video.
  • Zakiyrah has been working with Mikey for the last 3 years and started with him when he first got into the business. Zakiyrah loves to help businesses get from the ground level to the top. Zakiyrah is also the author of a book called Her 20 Somethings.
  • Mikey has been an entrepreneur for the past 11 years. Started in the food industry. His journey has been a rollercoaster ride. Only got started in the hair business about 4 years ago.
  • Always remember that everyone starts with ZERO sales, ZERO social media followers, ZERO website visitors, and ZERO on their email list.
  • Zakiyrah and Mikey have launched over 1,000 hair brands.
  • Atlanta is the weave capital of the world.
  • This show will cover – Hair Extension Marking – Hair business do’s and don’ts – Chargebacks – And much, MUCH more
  • Remember, the hair business is a $15 billion dollar industry
  • The main goal of this podcast is education and knowledge distribution.
  • Mike and Zakiyrah will be moving their business to a new space next month
  • Be sure to subscribe to the show!

3 Key Points:

  1. The startup process is actually slow. It takes time. It takes patience.
  2. There’s plenty of room for everyone in the hair extension business, it’s a $15B industry.
  3. The Hair Biz Radio Podcast won’t just be an audio program, there will be video in the future too.

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  1. Lakisha Oct 24, 2017

    Great information for beginners