Episode 40 – Summary
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio, Host Zakiyrah interviews Anh, owner of Beauty by Anh.

Show Notes:
– About Anh
– She got started when she was really young and played with makeup for fun.
– She wanted to get into the fashion world but didn’t know how.
– She felt that college was not in God’s plan for her.
– She’s been doing makeup and hair for almost eight years.
– She recently added lashes to her repertoire.
– She likes to wear strip lashes and do lash lifts.
– Talk about the differences in culture and choosing to leave school.
– Her family didn’t really care that she was going into the beauty industry.
– Her parents were refugees who came here to give their family a better life.
– Everyone was very supportive, but that’s not always the case.
– What was it like to be initially rejected by the beauty industry?
– She decided to learn things on her own.
– One woman who did great work mentored her and helped her decide what she wanted to do.
– When did you decide that you needed to go to cosmetology school
– She was already thinking of it in college.
– She began to research three hair schools, Empire, Paul Mitchell, and Aveda.
– She chose Aveda after some research.
– What were the key things you learned at Aveda?
– You have to practice to make yourself perfect.
– You have to figure out what you want to do.
– At school, there’s always someone there to support you.
– What are some techniques that are self-taught?
– Everything with makeup was self-taught.
– Updos were mostly self-taught, you have to look online to find ideas.
– If you get scared as an artist, your client can feel that right away.
– Talk about the difference between doing free work or charging?
– The first couple of years you’ll lose money because you need to get pictures.
– Don’t charge less because other people are charging less, you need to know your worth.
– Talk about the difference between lash extensions and lash lifts.
– Lash extensions are for people who want long volumized lashes.
– They make you look like you have makeup on.
– They last about a month and you have to come back to get a fill.
– Lash lifts last from 6-8 weeks and use your natural lashes.
– Lash lifts open your eyes and it’s great for people with no time for lash extensions.
– What are some of your die-hard makeup products to use?
– Her favorite concealer is NARS or Tarte
– Georgio Armani and Dior foundation.
– Kylie lipstick.
– Jeffree Star lipstick.
– What’s one piece of advice for someone interested in getting into the beauty industry.
– Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.
– Make it perfect and go at it.
– Don’t be jealous when other people’s work is better than you, learn from them.
– Be confident and don’t let anyone bring you down, they’re just jealous.
– Where can we find you?
– info@beautybyanh.com
– beautybyanh.com

Tweetable Quotes
– “We tend to people please, so if someone tells us we can’t do something, we might believe it.”
– “It’s important that women in this industry learn to collaborate.”
– “When you do a great job, people will refer.”
– “You have to learn to control your atmosphere.”

Resources Mentioned
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