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Episode 4 Summary
On this episode of Hair Biz Radio hosts Mikey and Zakiyrah interview special guest, National Paul Mitchell Educator, Dallas Christopher. They discuss beauty tips and tricks and talk about Dallas’ philanthropic interests.
Dallas shares his best advice for new stylists and talks about the ways he empowers all of his students.

Show Notes

Hosts Zakiyrah and Mikey have a special guest, National Paul Mitchell Educator, Dallas Christopher.
Background on Dallas:

Been in the industry for a long time and hair is a passion for him.
Being a National Educator with John Paul Mitchell systems is a hard but rewarding job.
Been with Paul Mitchell for sixteen years and has taught almost 10,000 students.

Paul Mitchell participates in a lot of charities.

They get to donate time and do people’s hair and makeup and make them feel beautiful for the day.
Dallas and Paul Mitchell are very active in the community.
Doing hair and makeup is Dallas’ ministry.

Paul Mitchell is the largest company in the beauty industry.
Mikey met John Paul DeJoria at Bronner Brothers.

Jean Paul Mitchell has a heart of giving.
He remembered Dallas’ name at another event.

Jean Paul Mitchell owns Patron.
Hair coloring tips from Dallas:

The best coloring results he’s gotten is from Paul Mitchell’s products with hair from Private Label Extensions.
You need to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
Know where you’re starting from to know where you’re going to finish.

What’s the difference between a professional product and something you buy in the drugstore?

Paul Mitchell products are guaranteed and you’re going to get the results you expect.
When Dallas wants to lighten hair, his go-to is the Dual Purpose Lightner (DPL)

Dallas is against coloring at home, but if you choose to do it he suggests being mindful of the structure of the hair.
The easiest way to color hair is to walk down, to go from blonde down a hair level, but it’s not always the most affordable way.
The undertone color of level five is red, so that’s all you have to get to when you’re trying to color hair red, you should ideally get it to a level five.
Photos of Dallas’ work are at hairbizradio.com if you click on episode 4. (See Below)
Often the filters and angles of Instagram hide the actual quality of the coloring of certain wigs.

Dallas wants people on Instagram to show him that they use actual excellent technical work to construct, color and cut their wigs.
They should be using proper cutting angles – diagonal forward, diagonal back, etc.

When someone does a cut and color, they should be able to tell you everything about the angles and levels.
People are not properly educating the consumers and other stylists on how to do proper color.
Dallas teaches his students to hold people accountable for what they’re doing.
Dallas brings the students in and lets them do the work and cut the hair and color it to get experience.
Dallas had to make mistakes in order to become the stylist he is today.
Salon etiquette is really important.
It’s important to show people vs. telling them in the hair industry
People are going to YouTube to get tutorials on how to do certain hair techniques

This is both positive and negative
Positive: People are becoming more aware of how to style their hair.
Negative: You have hairstylists that don’t have the education to be sharing specific techniques.

You need to understand that YouTube is not school, you need to find someone who’s educated and ask them your questions.
Dallas has Campfire so you can reach out to him and ask him a question that way.
Dallas is working on a project called Dallas Takeover

Taking over salons in the city of Atlanta and other areas of the state.
They take a huge team to a salon and do a charity event where the proceeds go to American Cancer Society.
The point of this project is to end breast cancer once and for all.

Private Label Extensions partnered with Paint It


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