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In this, the third episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah, and Mikey discuss influencer marketing and how it can help your hair brand. They discuss some hacks you can use to build your influencer marketing.
Show Notes:

This episode is about Influencer Marketing for the Hair Business.
General Information and Updates on the Hair Biz Radio Show.
There is no difference between Mink Hair extensions and Brazilian Silky Straight hair. Mink hair is just for marketing.

Private Label Extensions is moving to a new space and will be open on Saturdays in the near future.
Zakiyrah will be running a do-it-yourself graphics course for hair extensions using Canva to create social media and email marketing images.
Mikey and Zakiyrah will begin releasing a bunch of courses in the next month or so.
Mikey and Zakiyrah are going to start doing two podcasts per week:
The first podcast of the week will be Mikey and Zakiyrah talking about the hair business.
Second podcast will be an interview, either in-house or via Skype phone calls.
If you’ve been in the hair industry for a while and are an expert, go to the Hair Biz Radio contact section to be on the show.

Next week Mikey and Zakiyrah will interview Dallas Christopher, National Educator for Paul Mitchell.
Dallas trains students all over the United States.

Influencer marketing can be broken into tiers:

Micro-influencers – anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 followers
Larger influencers – over 30,000 followers

There are influencers on all different platforms, including:

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs and more

Influencers often collaborate with brands who send them free products and they also get paid. oSome influencers make well over 6 figures from this kind of marketing.
Working with influencers can help get you more sales for your hair brand.
Beauty Clout is an influencer marketing platform that connects influencers with brands.

Put your brand on Beauty Clout and find an influencer marketer that has an interest in your product. oHire the influencer and send them your product.
The influencer could give you a shout out on social media or write a blog.
You can get increased social followers, better website SEO and increased sales. Working with a platform like Beauty Clout can save you a lot of time vs. sending influencers messages one-by-one.

Tips for working with influencers

Remind the influencer of the retail cost of the product up front.
This lets the influencer know the cost of the product they’re receiving.

The influencer might charge you less for the endorsement if they know they’re receiving value.

You can negotiate with influencers, you don’t have to take the price they quote up-front.

Example of a benefit received from influencer marketing.

Private Label Extensions recently worked with an influencer – in a couple of days their Instagram following increased by 1,000.

Private Label Extensions now has a whole new audience to market to.
Influencer marketing platform tips


The process of getting SEO results from a blog post when working with influencers:
Know that the process takes at least 3-6 months, but will yield results.
The influencer will take photos of your product and link from their website to yours.

This gives you organic SEO credibility

Download Moz Toolbar to see what your domain authority is and to see how influencer marketing is increasing that authority.

YouTube is a huge influencer marketing platform.

Many influencers have lots of subscribers and video reviews will drive traffic to your platform.
Make sure the influencer’s followers are the demographic you’re targeting.
Check to see how many likes and comments a person’s posts are getting.
If there are too few likes relative to a number of followers they have, they may have fake followers.

Twitter is not a great platform for influencer marketing.
You need to understand the quality of an influencer’s followers vs. the quantity of


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