Episode – 28 Summary:
During the 28th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Chay interview Jazmine Jackson of global beauty brand Empress Dream Doll.

Show Notes:
– How did Jazmine get into beauty?
– She’s been into hair for over 20 years.
– Her mom couldn’t afford to send her to the salon, so she learned how to do it herself.
– Her hair is natural.
– What was the transition from using relaxers to going natural?
– She used to press her hair out to get the relaxed look without a relaxer.
– What was the mindset from wanting to be a nurse to being a beauty brand.
– She wanted to help women with self-esteem, and the beauty industry has been a good outlet.
– What are some of the things you look for in a good cosmetology school.
– Name and reputation.
– Aveda was the Ivy League of cosmetology schools for her.
– Paul Mitchell was her other choice.
– What were some of the things you were self-taught that you didn’t learn in hair school.
– She had a culture shock in hair school.
– She already knew how to braid and do a quick weave.
– She learned how to use a round brush and do layering.
– Jasmine has a wig line, talk to us about the techniques you use when you do your wigs.
– She does full-lace wigs and custom handmade wigs.
– She has a unique way she does it because of the cap she uses.
– Where did you start right out of hair school?
– She had a client who got her in with her celebrity stylist.
– She went to a salon after this.
– What were the tips from your first job you’ve taken with you?
– Speed.
– Tell us about your hair product line.
– She used to put a raw egg in her hair, she had a friend who was a chemist who helped her create her Eggcellent hair care line.
– She launched Spectacular Weave Wash in 2017.
– Eggcellent is 98% naturally derived.
– What was the driving force behind your Egg Custard edge control?
– She wanted to be the one-stop shop for hair care.
– When she does edge control, she goes behind it with black gel.
– For someone who is looking to get into the beauty industry, what’s one tip to get started?
– Get a good mentor.
– Talk about how Gems with Jaz was born.
– She became a board-certified performance coach.
– She was raised in the church and wanted to know how to maintain her integrity while delivering the word.
– What’s coming up new?
– Her products have a more uniform look.
– She’s doing a revamp to the company that’s relaunching on June 15th.
– Talk to us about biotin.
– It’s a good hair, skin, and nails vitamin.
– You have to take it consistently.
– Give us one general tip.
– Stay grounded and keep your circle small and tight.

3 Key Points
– You need to learn to do one thing a million ways.
– Get a good mentor, but then pour back into them.
– Stay grounded and keep your circle small and tight.

Tweetable Quotes
– “Hair school was a culture shock, I didn’t learn how to braid or quick weave there.”
– “Stay grounded and keep your circle small and tight.”
– “Focus on one or you’re leaving money on the table.”

Resources Mentioned
Instagram: @msjazminejackson
Instagram: @empressdreamdoll


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