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In this, the second episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah, and Mikey discuss Facebook and Instagram marketing for the hair industry.
They discuss the various website platforms you should be using and share why Wix may not be the best choice of platform for your website. They also talk about the benefits of tracking your audience using Facebook Pixel and the importance of content marketing to drive traffic.
Tune-in and discover how having a sound strategy and a patience will help you conquer the tough—but NOT impossible—world of online marketing.
Show Notes:

This episode is about Facebook and Instagram Marketing for The Hair Business

It’s important for you to know your audience and know how to target them

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Content marketing is important for Facebook and Instagram marketing
Marketing is a huge struggle for people just starting out in the hair industry
While there are a lot of good Wix websites, there are lot of sites that do not integrate Wix

Difficult to manage operations once business scales up
38% of all websites are on WordPress

Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing go hand-in-hand

Instagram paid ads are set-up through the Facebook Ads office

Always set up a business account on Instagram and constantly update it

Ensure that you have a bio that describes exactly what you do; this will drive the people who are actual buyers to your Instagram page

BOOSTING an Instagram post is a good way to get started

Check the results via a test run after boosting the post
Possible to add a link to a boosted post

Adding your competitors to your Instagram group is a good marketing strategy
Plug-in on the Chrome browser lets you know if a Facebook Pixel is installed – Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel enables you to track your visitors
Particularly useful if you are spending marketing dollars

Remember, EVERYONE struggles with online marketing when they start
Tips and Tricks for Facebook and Instagram marketing

Focus on retargeting marketing
Have specific ads for different durations of time
No extra work involved since Instagram is already tied-in
Target folks who add a product to a shopping cart or go to the checkout page and do not buy; Mikey is able to generate 30 to 40 times sales for every dollar spent on such ads
Attempt to understand what the customer is feeling when you create your ads
Not necessary for ads to direct to a homepage or product page; you can direct ads to an informative article
Invest in making good marketing videos

Facebook is really pushing videos right now
Possible to make great videos even on an iPhone
Sometimes, underproduced videos yield better results than overproduced ones
Take advantage of the cheap ad rates on Facebook
PixelYourSite Pro lets you determine whether the audience originated from Facebook or Instagram

Private Label Extension’s Instagram following is growing healthily by 100 people every day
Avoid adding scammy Instagram followers; sooner or later an Instagram purge will be done and your page will drop in ranking
If you have a lot of fake followers, it is likely that your normal followers will never see your posts
Swipe-up feature is a great and cost-effective way of driving traffic
Let your Facebook ad run for awhile in order to see good results; increase your budget gradually and avoid making sudden spurts
Facebook ninjas are really expensive; no option for small businesses but to do it themselves
Mikey and Zarika are great fans of Gary Vaynerchuk

Mikey quotes Gary, ͞It is a war out there. Go out there and start fighting͟

Next week we will be talking about collaborating with blogger, YouTubers, and influencers; make sure you tune in next week and don’t forget to subscribe!
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Private Label Extensions the wholesale side of the business
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