Interview With A’bril Elon of A’bril Elon Innovations
During the 19th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey conduct an engaging interview with A’bril Elon an Atlanta hairstylist and founder of A’bril Elon Innovations. A’bril breaks down her incredible work ethic and perseverance that propelled her from a business major at Clark Atlanta University, to honing her hairstyle skillset and business acumen to running her own salon suite.

Learn the behind the scene grind to inspire you in your own entrepreneurial quest for excellence.

Show Notes
● A’bril Elon, who started doing hair at 10 years old, went to Clark Atlanta University, which is where Zakiyrah met her.
● A’bril started promoting her hair business on Twitter, Facebook, Clark Atlanta/Spellman postings online, and individual messaging.
● Joining every possible organization on campus at Clark Atlanta while majoring in Business increased her networking.
● Charging low prices to accommodate college students expanded her client base – even bartering at times.
● Hair school for 33-37 hours a week was very good and stressful because A’bril had already been deep into the industry with many clients.
● A’bril moved into a salon suite almost two years ago.
● Decorating and moving into her salon suite at the same time was tough.
● Taking good care of her clients has been A’bril’s focus, and appreciating that they provide her with her lifestyle.
● Moving to a new salon suite added that transition of hiring two employees – one younger and one older.
● Assistant intern position on commission for two months provided her first opportunity – and it was provided by her current employee Promise.
● Never burn a bridge, no matter who it is. Do right by people because times change.
● Expect the worst but push for the best.
● Curling hair is one of A’bril’s favorite hairstyles.
● Consistency is key. Don’t get complacent. Find ambassadors for your business.

3 Key Points
1. Charging low prices to accommodate customers, in the beginning, helps to grow your client base.
2. Do right by people at all times and don’t burn bridges with anyone.
3. Consistency, not becoming complacent, and finding ambassadors for your business are fundamental steps to success.

Tweetable Quotes
– “I went from getting my own suite to now…I can now charge $175-200 because I have elevated, I have grown, and I have mastered my craft.” – A’bril Elon.
– “I was the first one to graduate in my class. It is about a 13-month program, I did it in 11 months, top of my class.” – A’bril Elon.
– “My clients are like my family.” – A’bril Elon.

Resources Mentioned:
● HairUniversity.co – Hair classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● Zakiyrahficklin.com – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success
● StyleSeat.com – Abril Elon’s website
● Instagram – Abril Elon’s Instagram


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