Episode 17 Summary
In episode 17, Zakiyrah and Mikey break down what it takes to have a successful photo shoot for your hair business, even on a limited budget. Learn from their own experience as they share intimate details of their own recent photo shoot for hair products.

Find out what is involved in getting models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and videographers all together in one room to make some visual magic happen to strengthen your hair brand.

Show Notes
● Zakiyrah and Mikey discuss websites and domains with GoDaddy.com.
● Mikey chats about the new website blank template with standard WordPress theme and preloaded products, pictures, and prices.
● A huge budget isn’t needed to do photo shoots for your hair business.
● All of the models you hire may not show up – learn to improvise.
● Use Instagram and search hashtags consisting of the name of your city followed by the word models after it to find local models to hire for your photo shoots.
● If you don’t have a budget to pay your models – free hair extensions can work.
● When you are looking for makeup artists you will most likely have to pay them because of all the faces they have to do and makeup they have to use.
● You can rent a studio space by the hour for reasonable rates for the photo shoot.
● Quality cameras have come down in price so you can find photographers with flexible rates.
● You want to get as much done during the day of the shoot as possible – photos and videos.
● Reach out to the film department at local colleges to find students looking for experience.
● During the photoshoot get in the habit of taking a picture of a sign with the name of each product so later you will know where to find the photos of that product.
● Make the bundles into wigs in advance if the photo shoot is on a larger scale.
● Work with reliable people that are going to show up on time.
● Make sure that your models have the same clothing style to make it all uniform for the photo shoot.
● Have some fun props in your photo shoots to add to your branding and marketing.
● Make sure you provide food for your models, photographers, videographers, stylists, and makeup artists.
● Create a plan for the photo shoot and learn from what didn’t go right to make it better for next time.

3 Key Points
1. Instagram searches with local city hashtags followed by the world model are a great way to find photo shoot models.
2. Contact the film department at local colleges to find videographer and photographer students looking for experience.
3. have your models wear similar clothing to make your photo shoot look more unified.

Tweetable Quotes
– “I want to let you guys know that you don’t have to have a tremendous budget to do photo shoots for your hair business.” – Zakiyrah.
– “We initially wanted 10 models, I think we had eight that were there. And we had 17 styles that we needed to shoot for. So we just interchanged the models out.” – Zakiyrah.
– “How do you find models? Instagram will be your best friend.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned
● HairUniversity.co – Online Hair Business Classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● Zakiyrahficklin.com – Zakiyrah’s website


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