Episode 27: From Universal to Showtime with Demetrius McNeal

May 29, 2018

Episode–27 Summary

During the 27th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey interview Demetrius McNeal, aka Showtime a premier fashion and hair photographer in Atlanta.

Show Notes

– What’s going on in Showtime’s world, what made you want to get into the photography industry?
– He was a front gate photographer at Universal Studios.
– When he stopped doing photography at Universal, he started dabbling on his own.
– What did you learn at Universal that you took into your photography?
– He got the eye for photography.
– Clients mostly want perfection today.
– What equipment are you working with now?
– His original camera was a T3I with a 1.4 lens.
– He uses a Mark III camera right now.
– He uses Mac everything.
– He just started doing video.
– When you book clients for a shoot, what’s the proper etiquette that you want your clients to come to a shoot to get the best experience.
– Starting Monday, he’s no longer letting clients control the whole set
– For a client who’s coming to you with a new hair business, what does the process of getting a shoot done?
– Besides newborn and weddings hair is the most expensive type of shoot.
– One photo takes three hours to retouch.
– You have to find a budget, and it has to be realistic – don’t be in a rush.
– He does a contract agreement for everything.
– If you’re in a rush, you have to have the budget to pay a rush fee.
– What is your recommendation for someone who’s looking to do a hair website and they don’t have the budget to shoot every single style of hair.
– He does websites too, so he’s a one-stop shop.
– They should shoot their traditional, regular stuff and anything that’s catchy.
– Don’t try to go over the top.
– Editing takes a long time, don’t expect 24-hour turnaround for images.
– What do you use to perfect your craft?
– YouTube
– Editing DVD classes
– He creates his own instructional DVD’s.
– Where can people find your editing DVD’s?
– Thenextlevelimages.com
– What else do you have coming up?
– He’s going to slow down on photography.
– Beauty, fashion, hair, weddings
– He started his own record label.
– He may relocate to L.A.
– Social media: @nextlevelimages1
– What’s one tip that you would give to someone’s who’s interested in getting into the fashion and beauty photography business.
– Don’t get in for the wrong reason.
– Be in it for the craft.
– Watch YouTube

3 Key Points

– Be sure to have the budget, you don’t want discount hair pictures.
– Be open to the photographer’s creative direction, you don’t know what will look best.
– If you want to get into the business you need to educate yourself.

Tweetable Quotes

You can never know enough when it comes to photography.
Most clients want perfection today.
If someone tells you they can shoot hair for $500, run!

Resources Mentioned

thenextlevelimages – Demetrius’ website

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