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  1. Deanna Jones Dec 15, 2017

    Hello my name is Deanna Jones from Abbeville,SC but now I reside in Greenwood,SC. I am writing because I recently announced the start of my online hair company Lashae’s Lavish Extensions in August of this year. I have been doing a lot of research and out of all the researching Private Label has been the best so far as to giving good feedback of what it’s like to start a hair business and how to use different strategies to build your brand up and have a successful business!!! I am a total newbie in the hair industry and it’s so much that I want to learn about the industry so that I can give my customers the best experience not in just customer service but the very best experience with the knowledge of hair and a variety of hair, hair care products, beauty products and etc.. I want my business/brand to accommodate everyone! I want to expand my brand so big that it’s world wide… celebrities and all lol I want to gain all the knowledge I can and attend seminars/webinars to help me become more familiar with the industry. I said 2018 I’m going to really go hard to push my business and build my brand!! I just been stepping out on faith with the support of my husband, family & friends to make the become a reality!! I want this to be a learning experience that will help me be able to utilize my knowledge to open others doorways to other businesses opportunities in the future.