Episode 21: Hairstylist Coco White from Tyler Perry Studios

April 1, 2018

Episode 21 Summary

During the 21st episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey have an enticing interview with Coco White, the department head for hair at Tyler Perry Studios since 2014.

Coco is also the salon owner of Four Elements Hair Salon and Boutique with her daughter. Listen to Coco’s powerful story of perseverance, inspiration, and striving to be the best businesswoman and mother.

Show Notes

● Coco White has been at Tyler Perry Studios since 2014 and moved to Atlanta from Louisiana – bit was born in Brooklyn, NY.
● She taught herself when she needed help and her hair person didn’t return her calls.
● She self-taught herself braids.
● April Parker became a personal client. She has met Oprah Winfrey.
● Coco was inspired to be her daughter’s role model.
● Sharing your journey can become the fuel of someone else’s passion.
● Coco is part of Legacy of Beauty empowerment brunch.
● Utilize the tools in front of you to achieve your goals.
● Coco’s kids are entrepreneurs and her daughter finished high school one year early.
● Being a business owner is not a 9-5 job, it is 24 hours like being a parent.
● Learn from your mistakes, it is a part of the process.
● Do all the building inspections first then get creative and set it up.
● You are never going to launch your business perfectly–just keep moving forward.
● Mikey shares his personal journey to Atlanta from Maryland.
● Tyler Perry treats Coco like family and it is an important motivator in business.

3 Key Points

1. Coco’s inspiration comes from wanting to be her daughter’s role model.
2. Being a business owner is not a 9-5 job, it is 24 hours a day.
3. Your business launch will never be perfect Just get started and keep pushing ahead.

Tweetable Quotes

“You don’t just touch people’s hair, you touch people’s heart.” – Coco White.
“When you don’t share your story, you either A.) taking away the healing of someone else, or you are delaying their destiny. .” – Zakiyrah.
“Every mistake is a learning process that allows you to see your blessings .” – Coco White.

Resources Mentioned:

HairUniversity.co – Hair classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● Facebook – Coco White’s Facebook
● Four Elements Hair Salon and Boutique– Website for Four Elements Hair Salon and Boutique
● Legacy of Beauty – Website for Legacy of Beauty
@Iamcocowhite – Instagram for Coco White

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