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Episode 20 Summary

During the 20th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey have an enticing interview with Mychael Michelle, also known as Kellz ATL Stylist.

Mychael is the owner of the Atlanta salon Hair Rock Café and the Color Me Sickening hair tour. Learn more about her journey, her success, and her future endeavors.

Show Notes:

● Mychael Michelle has been in Atlanta for 7 years and is from Baltimore, Maryland.
● Hair Rock Café has been open for six years and launched her flat iron line called Hair That Rocks.
● She teaches people how to color hair professionally with the Color Me Sickening hair tour for four years now.
● Mychael Michelle started getting into doing hair by going to the salon with her mother, she was an assistant at a salon at 16, and in hair school at 17.
Aveda Institute is where she studied hair coloring.
● Blonde hair doesn’t last more than a month.
● You have to start at the bottom to make it up to the top.
● Legacy and Beauty Empowerment Brunch offers panels of successful women and opportunities to circulate your products.
Wig Market is Zakiyrah and Mikey’s wig business.
● Women need to take their business back and be professional and not act like groupies or with a bad attitude.
● Mychael is doing hair for movies now.
● If you are not willing to go broke for your passion then that isn’t your passion.

3 Key Points:

1. Mychael Michelle teaches people how to color hair professionally with the Color Me Sickening hair tour.
2. Never be too big to be somebody’s assistant.
3. You need to be willing to go broke for your passion.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I taught this color technique, its called color melting technique, where I literally brought all of the rainbow colors, but I made them pastel and I put them together.” – Mychael Michelle.
“I’m in the process of renovating my salon and turning it into a day spa.” – Mychael Michelle.
“If you want to be successful, you have to start at the very bottom.” – Mychael Michelle.

Resources Mentioned: – Hair classes
@Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
Hair Rock Cafe – Website for the Hair Rock Cafe
@thehairrockcafe – Instagram for the Hair Rock Café
● @kellzatlstylist – Instagram for Mychael Michelle
Legacy of Beauty – Website for Legacy of Beauty

Interview With A’bril Elon of A’bril Elon Innovations


During the 19th episode of Hair Biz Radio, Zakiyrah and Mikey conduct an engaging interview with A’bril Elon an Atlanta hairstylist and founder of A’bril Elon Innovations. A’bril breaks down her incredible work ethic and perseverance that propelled her from a business major at Clark Atlanta University, to honing her hairstyle skillset and business acumen to running her own salon suite.

Learn the behind the scene grind to inspire you in your own entrepreneurial quest for excellence.

Show Notes

● A’bril Elon, who started doing hair at 10 years old, went to Clark Atlanta University, which is where Zakiyrah met her.
● A’bril started promoting her hair business on Twitter, Facebook, Clark Atlanta/Spellman postings online, and individual messaging.
● Joining every possible organization on campus at Clark Atlanta while majoring in Business increased her networking.
● Charging low prices to accommodate college students expanded her client base – even bartering at times.
● Hair school for 33-37 hours a week was very good and stressful because A’bril had already been deep into the industry with many clients.
● A’bril moved into a salon suite almost two years ago.
● Decorating and moving into her salon suite at the same time was tough.
● Taking good care of her clients has been A’bril’s focus, and appreciating that they provide her with her lifestyle.
● Moving to a new salon suite added that transition of hiring two employees – one younger and one older.
● Assistant intern position on commission for two months provided her first opportunity – and it was provided by her current employee Promise.
● Never burn a bridge, no matter who it is. Do right by people because times change.
● Expect the worst but push for the best.
● Curling hair is one of A’bril’s favorite hairstyles.
● Consistency is key. Don’t get complacent. Find ambassadors for your business.

3 Key Points

1. Charging low prices to accommodate customers, in the beginning, helps to grow your client base.
2. Do right by people at all times and don’t burn bridges with anyone.
3. Consistency, not becoming complacent, and finding ambassadors for your business are fundamental steps to success.

Tweetable Quotes

“I went from getting my own suite to now…I can now charge $175-200 because I have elevated, I have grown, and I have mastered my craft.” – A’bril Elon.
“I was the first one to graduate in my class. It is about a 13-month program, I did it in 11 months, top of my class.” – A’bril Elon.
“My clients are like my family.” – A’bril Elon.

Resources Mentioned: – Hair classes
@Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website
The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success
● – Abril Elon’s website
● Instagram – Abril Elon’s Instagram

Episode 18 Summary

Episode 18 features Zakiyrah and Mikey going through the core elements of what they refer to as The Hair Business Checklist. This is part one of a two-part series that analyses what is needed to have a successful hair business.

Get the hard-earned experience that Zakiyrah and Mikey have acquired to establish their hair extension company expressed in a convenient process. They tackle everything from your company name, logo, and website to finding a hair extension vendor and the importance of email lists.

Show Notes

● Zakiyrah and Mikey introduce The Hair Business Checklist.
● CHECKLIST STEP 1: Why are you starting a hair business?
● Just because you are passionate about hair, realize there is much more involved in running an actual business.
● Starting a business requires stamina, not giving up, and it can take an emotional toll because things are going to go wrong.
● CHECKLIST STEP 2: Come up with a name for your hair business.
● Take the time to brainstorm multiple names that people would like, and take a poll of people you respect to pick what name they think is best.
● Keep the name short and simple.
● CHECKLIST STEP 3: Reserve the social media accounts.
● Keep your name consistent with social media accounts.
● CHECKLIST STEP 4: Get your domain name and an email address that match.
● CHECKLIST STEP 5: Now you need a logo – all text or an image.
● CHECKLIST STEP 6: How do you want to sell hair – wholesale or dropshipping?
● Wholesale is purchasing hair in bulk and you keep the inventory on hand.
● Drop shipping is when you pay as you go and the product is shipped to you to the customer.
● CHECKLIST STEP 7: Where will you sell your hair extensions – website, social media, or retail storefront?
● CHECKLIST STEP 8: Finding a vendor.
● You have to figure out what your delivered cost is: the total amount spent to order the hair, have it sent to you and payment fees.
● CHECKLIST STEP 9: Build your website.
● Using WordPress for your website offers advanced features and plugins.
● CHECKLIST STEP 10: Build your social media accounts and email lists – post at least once or twice a day.
● CHECKLIST STEP 11: Get your business structure established – LLC or sole proprietorship?
● CHECKLIST STEP 12: Marketing strategies: driving traffic to your website, most visitors probably won’t buy (especially in the beginning)

3 Key Points

1. Know exactly why you are starting your hair business because it won’t be easy to become successful.
2. Dropshipping allows you to focus on the hard parts of a business – sales and marketing.
3. Figure out what your total delivered cost is, factoring in the full amount spent to order the hair, have it sent to you and the associated payment fees.

Tweetable Quotes

“When you get your tax return this year, let’s not go buy that new shiny TV. Or the new Chanel bag. Let’s invest in yourself.” – Mikey.
“You have to major in the minor before you can get to the major.” – Zakiyrah.
“You don’t want to send out business emails from Make sure you are getting a business email, because it is very important to look professional.” – Mikey.
“Wholesaling is for people, I always recommend, that have…salons.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned

● – Hair biz classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website
● Dropship Bundles – Dropship Bundles website

Episode 17 Summary

In episode 17, Zakiyrah and Mikey break down what it takes to have a successful photo shoot for your hair business, even on a limited budget. Learn from their own experience as they share intimate details of their own recent photo shoot for hair products.

Find out what is involved in getting models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and videographers all together in one room to make some visual magic happen to strengthen your hair brand.

Show Notes

● Zakiyrah and Mikey discuss websites and domains with
● Mikey chats about the new website blank template with standard WordPress theme and preloaded products, pictures, and prices.
● A huge budget isn’t needed to do photo shoots for your hair business.
● All of the models you hire may not show up – learn to improvise.
● Use Instagram and search hashtags consisting of the name of your city followed by the word models after it to find local models to hire for your photo shoots.
● If you don’t have a budget to pay your models – free hair extensions can work.
● When you are looking for makeup artists you will most likely have to pay them because of all the faces they have to do and makeup they have to use.
● You can rent a studio space by the hour for reasonable rates for the photo shoot.
● Quality cameras have come down in price so you can find photographers with flexible rates.
● You want to get as much done during the day of the shoot as possible – photos and videos.
● Reach out to the film department at local colleges to find students looking for experience.
● During the photoshoot get in the habit of taking a picture of a sign with the name of each product so later you will know where to find the photos of that product.
● Make the bundles into wigs in advance if the photo shoot is on a larger scale.
● Work with reliable people that are going to show up on time.
● Make sure that your models have the same clothing style to make it all uniform for the photo shoot.
● Have some fun props in your photo shoots to add to your branding and marketing.
● Make sure you provide food for your models, photographers, videographers, stylists, and makeup artists.
● Create a plan for the photo shoot and learn from what didn’t go right to make it better for next time.

3 Key Points

1. Instagram searches with local city hashtags followed by the world model are a great way to find photo shoot models.
2. Contact the film department at local colleges to find videographer and photographer students looking for experience.
3. have your models wear similar clothing to make your photo shoot look more unified.

Tweetable Quotes

“I want to let you guys know that you don’t have to have a tremendous budget to do photo shoots for your hair business.” – Zakiyrah.
“We initially wanted 10 models, I think we had eight that were there. And we had 17 styles that we needed to shoot for. So we just interchanged the models out.” – Zakiyrah.
“How do you find models? Instagram will be your best friend.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned

● – Online Hair Business Classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website

Episode 16 Summary

In episode 16, Zakiyrah and Mikey identify the 10 ways to grow your hair extension business online, offering up techniques that they actually utilize themselves.

Learn about the power of creating value for customers, promoting your products in useful ways that stimulate sales, and methods that empower you to go above and beyond your social media following and develop connections with influencers and like-minded businesses.

Show Notes:

● Zakiyrah and Mikey discuss the new location for Private Label Extension location that under construction: three levels and over 4,000 square feet and the Indian Body Wave product.
● Today’s Topic is 10 Ways to Grow Your Hair Extension Business Online.
● #1 Offering Coupons: Have an expiration date to create a sense of urgency that ends within a week or a week before a holiday.
● #2 Collect Emails: A large social media follow
● #3 Offer Free Shipping over a Certain Amount: You will need to build the shipping in the product price, but increases the average order size.
● #4 Be a Walking Billboard: If you can wear the hair…wear the hair.
● #5 Have a Few Hair Bundles on Hand: Show people what they can purchase online.
● #6 Giveaways: Giving away product in a contest increases brand awareness and raises the chances of getting sales.
● #7 Educated yourself. Turn the different elements of sales into different lanes of skills line online marketing to educate yourself about them.
● #8 Influencer Marketing. Beauty Clout is a company that connects brands with influencers.
● #9 Write Blog Posts. It is a great way to connect customers with quality, useful information and it has been proven to increase sales.
● #10 Business to Business (B2B) Marketing. Collaborate with companies that compliment yours, but are not in competition with you, to cross-promote each other’s products.

3 Key Points:

1. Emails are more golden than social media followers because they increase your reach to people that are actually interested in your industry and products.
2. Get your product in front of people in real life, beyond just sharing digital pictures.
3. Collaborate with companies that are not your competitors but compliment your products and services.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Creating emails also helps sales. Because let’s be honest, social media may not be around forever.” – Zakiyrah.
“Adding value. So, you want to stick with the 80/20 rule: 80% content value, 20% sales.” – Zakiyrah.
“No one wants to buy a product that the person selling it hasn’t tested out, or is not wearing.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned:

● – Online Hair Business Classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success
MailChimp – Favorite Newsletter Service for Small Businesses
● BeautyClout – Website for Influencer Marketing

Episode 15 Summary

Zakiyrah and Mikey have an engaging interview with recognized Atlanta-based master hair stylist Darius Boone, who shares his history in the hair business – from working for a salon to starting his own. Darius speaks about his focus on expanding his education beyond hair school and teaching himself new skills via Youtube videos on a regular basis.

Darius Boone also speaks about his goals to invest in real estate, his favorite hair techniques, bad habits of clients, advice to become a better hair stylist, and the importance of sharing knowledge.

Show Notes:

● Zakiyrah advises that it is important to keep yourself motivated beyond the immediate hype of your January New Years resolutions.
● Darius Boone discusses how he got in the hair business during college when he was a barber, then doing $50 hair weaves.
● Hair school teaches you how to be professional, but you have to keep studying your craft outside of school and practicing.
● Darius’ first salon job was in 2013 for 2 ½ years, but he is in his own salon now.
● Some of the hardships that come with being in your own salon include: having to be responsible for others and the financial responsibilities.
● Darius’s goals for the future: investing in land and real estate, to have 5 properties by the time he is 35 to be able to do hair because he wants to and not to pay his bills.
● Hair techniques that Darius’ enjoys include closures. He feels that frontals don’t last more than 7 days and they are high maintenance.
● Habits that hairstylists hate for their clients to do include not coming to the salon with your natural hair and not following directions.
● Mikey recommends creating videos to answer common questions to decrease the amount of customer service questions that arise.
● Darius’s advice: take your time, do your research, do not quit, and write any goals you have down.
● Stop trying to charge people for everything, and help people.
● Many hair vendor lists are filled with random junk companies. It is important to do research and not expect instant answers.
● Don’t just gain new knowledge – apply it.

3 Key Points

1. The salon suites rental business is booming.
2. Frontals are problematic because they require lots of maintenance and don’t last long.
3. Don’t stop learning. Keep educating yourself.

Tweetable Quotes

“Make sure you stay connected to why you created that hair business.” – Zakiyrah.
“The problem with social media is that it glorifies and “glamifies” being your own boss… it is totally a highlight reel.” – Mikey.
“We’re such independent creatures that nobody wants to work underneath anybody else.” – Darius Boone.
“I work in a building with 25 other stylists, and we are all paying $1,200 a month.” – Darius Boone.
“Frontals are supposed to start balding after like 30 days.” – Zakiyrah.
“Learn. Plan. Execute.” – Darius Boone.
“New levels…new devils.” – Darius Boone.

Resources Mentioned

● – Hair classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website
The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success
● Darius Boone – Website for Darius Boone
Darius’ Instagram – Instagram for Darius Boone

Episode 14 Summary:

Zakiyrah and Mikey getting into the many reasons why people are not getting fast hair sales.

They share their investments in perseverance and concentrating on the process of building their brand and providing as much value for their clients as possible. Mikey shares personal stories about previous businesses that he started that were ahead of their time, with the moral of the story is – don’t quit because you don’t see rapid results.

Let Zakiyrah and Mikey motivate your efforts in building your hair business by focusing on “the work not the win.”

Show Notes:

● Zakiyrah and Mikey give a recap of their holiday season.
● They discuss their new hair extension called the Indian Remy Body Wave, size 18-28 inches, with ultra-low prices
● The Member of the Month is a program in their Start a Hair Extension BusinessFacebook group, which has almost 9,000 members.
● Start a Hair Extension Business Facebook group had approximately 33,000
interactions in the last 28 days.
● People are getting frustrated because they are getting decent traffic to their website, but they aren’t getting sales.
● The importance of building a brand: getting people to sign up to your website by giving them something in return, marketing on Facebook, Youtube videos, checkout process.
● Working towards a mobile app is expensive but powerful for branding.
● New websites have to focus on small wins because the national conversion rate is approximately only 1%.
● It took Zakiyrah and Mikey four years to evolve from just the two of them to 13 employees and moving to a bigger location soon.
● Although the hair business is an over $15 billion industry, there is still a lot of competition.
● Connecting with clients, building trust, and building your brand is what people buy into.
● Focus on the work and not the win.
● Mikey’s early online businesses include Youtube food videos in 2006 and a podcast in 2010 interview entrepreneurs.
● You will never get the sales you need by focusing on other people’s sales, focus on what is working for you.

3 Key Points:

1. Build your brand to be valuable and trust-worthy and the sales will follow.
2. Concentration on what makes your hair business unique.
3. Don’t give up at the first sign of delayed sales – concentrate on the process.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Really what people need to focus on is building the brand.” – Mikey.
“50% of our sales come from someone on an iPhone.” – Mikey.
“The kind of national average for a new website is maybe 1% conversion rate. So if you have 100 visitors, you might get one sale.” – Mikey.
“You definitely have to figure what makes you different? Like, why should I buy hair from you when there is, like, another hair company that does millions of dollars a year?” – Zakiyrah.
“People are buying the brand… not the product” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned: – Hair classes
● @Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram
● – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success

Episode 13 Summary:

Zakiyrah and Mikey spend episode 13 discussing the exciting new endeavors that they will be launching in this new year of 2018. One of those areas of expansion will be offering a wide array of mink eyelashes. Zakiyrah and Mikey share their reasons for moving deeper into the mink lashes business, how these fairly inexpensive products can increase your pool of customers, and proper etiquette for wearing lashes as well.

Enjoy the inspiring pep talks about putting your product quality before your branding, staying productive and organized with The Daily PlanHer, and the fabulous fox mink lashes that are coming in the future.

Show Notes:

● Zakiyrah and Mikey give an update on the new changes they have made for 2018
● Repeatedly doing things every day to master them is extremely important
● Zakiyrah explains The Daily PlanHer to help people execute their goals
● They discuss how they started selling mink lashes
● 3D mink lashes can be given away for free to get customers hooked on them
● Focus on getting customers and products before investing in fancy boxes
● Reinvest your profit to grow your business
● They have tested invisible bands for mink lashes
● Customer feedback is important to offering better products
● Faux mink lashes are coming soon
● Individual lashes placed on your eyes could damage your real lashes
● Don’t rely on family and friends to support your business, expand beyond them
How to get influencers by giving away free lashes
● Remove the glue after you remove your lashes
● Zakiyrah and Mikey talk about upcoming giveaways

3 Key Points:

1. Eyelashes are a low-cost giveaway that can bring in repeat customers.
2. Increase your product lines and customer base before investing in fancy branding.
3. Pay attention to what your customers like in order to pick the right products.

Tweetable Quotes:

– “Get rid of the distractions, and stay hyper-focused on each task.” – Mikey.
– “They say that you are the five people that you hang around.” – Zakiyrah
– “The good thing about the mink lashes though is that you can wear them up to 25 times.” – Zakiyrah.
– “You don’t have a business until you have a product and a customer.” – Zakiyrah.

Resources Mentioned: – Hair classes
@Zakiyrah – Zakiyrah’s Instagram – Zakiyrah’s website
● The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s planner to plan for success

Episode 12 Summary

During this episode of Hair Biz Radio with Zakiyrah and Mikey, they discuss the importance of blogging in the hair business space, the basics of starting a hair business and how to travel the world for free while selling hair extensions. Learn how Zakiyrah and Mikey have grown their hair business with not just blogging and creating useful content, but by engaging and inspiring others through their 7000+ member Facebook group called Start a Hair Business.

They demystify the often overwhelming business start-up necessities such as setting up a tax id number for your business and establishing a business bank account and credit line.

If you want to find out how to travel the world for free – learn from the experience shared by Zakiyrah and Mikey in episode 12.

Show Notes

  • Zakiyrah and Mikey discuss having their busiest sales week ever with sale starting Monday before Black Friday
  • New up and coming hair products and Zakiyrah’s “The Daily PlanHer
  • Zakiyrah’s blog seeking great writers and how to learn to blog via Neil Patel, YouTube
  • What you need to start a hair business: business license, tax ID number/EIN number, business account, business plan checklist, logo, website, objectives, goals
  • Don’t overthink it trying to be too perfect – get started
  • Interaction in their Start a Hair Business Facebook group – over 7000 members
  • How to Travel the World for Free Selling Hair Extensions:
    • You have to be getting sales selling hair
    • Overseas vendors vs. Private label extensions and Dropship Bundles
    • You need at least 700 credit score
    • Business credit cards with great rewards programs
    • Accumulating sky miles with credit cards for free flights
    • Keep business profit and personal money separate
  • Using points with sky miles business cards for travel upgrades and free rooms and flights
  • Giveaway: Custom packaging hair bags and free logo if you leave a review on Hair Biz Radio page by the third week in December – they will pick a winner.

3 Key Points

  1. Blogging opportunities for Hair Biz as well as the overall importance of digital marketing through blogging for your own hair business.
  2. Don’t let the fear of tax id numbers and business plans slow you down from starting your hair business.
  3. Earn sky miles to travel for free with business credit cards.

Tweetable Quotes

“Sometimes, when you try to make everything so perfect…you’ll never get started.” –Mikey.

“As you’re getting sales, always use that credit card that is giving you points.” –Mikey.

“They didn’t spend the $5000 for that front row…first class seat, OK. It’s points!” –Mikey.

Resources Mentioned

The Daily PlanHer – Zakiyrah’s “The Daily PlanHer”
Zakiyrah’s Blog – Blog for Zakiyrah
Neil Patel – Blogging expert Neil Patel
Tax ID Number – IRS website for getting your tax ID number
Ink Business Cash Credit Card – Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Episode 11 Summary

On this episode of Hair Biz Radio Mikey and Zakiyrah interview Sherman Stanbury, the co-founder of Lyfe Marketing in Atlanta to talk about mistakes small businesses might be making in their marketing.

Show Notes

  • Zakiyrah used to work with Lyfe Marketing 4-5 years ago.
  • Sherman and his co-founders started the business in college at Georgia State.
  • Some mistakes small businesses make with marketing:
    • Have no idea what it means to do marketing in 2017-2018.
    • People don’t realize how much lack of knowledge is costing them.
  • Story – Sherman is working with a client who is making over a million dollars a year, but revenue was down.
    • She wasn’t doing email marketing properly.
    • Obtain as much knowledge as you can up front to secure those opportunity costs.
  • It’s not just having the mail account, it’s using it properly.
    • If you do know what If you do know what marketing means today, you lack maturity and discipline to commit to that strategy on a continuous basis.
  • Content side:
    • Blogging – if you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on money and website traffic.
      • Companies that blog at least 16 times per month receive 4x the email traffic than companies that don’t.
        • Their leads are more qualified, educated and do more repeat business.
      • Get started with having a blog – you can have 100% control.
        • Focus on what you can control.
      • People think they need money to blog or do advertising, you don’t. They are completely free if you put the time in.
      • Add a blog tab to your existing website.
        • Start with a blog or two a week.
        • Better to blog every day!
        • If you keep blogging you’ll continue to get traffic.
      • WordPress is the best platform to blog on, hands down.
        • Open source, thousands of features, great for SEO.
      • Write relevant non-salesy content.
  • Social Media
    • The biggest mistake is relevant to posting – scheduling posts are one part of the process.
    • When no one sees your content even though you post all the time, you need to define your social media strategy.
      • If you’re posting content, you need to start building your followers and engagement.
        • Paid ads and some organic things.
        • You can have ads that go directly to your website.
    • Two tips to organically grow their social media platform:
      • Facebook is hard because it’s pay-to-play now.
      • Get in groups and try to add to the conversation and network.
    • Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – use relevant hashtags to get relevant followers.
      • High-volume hashtags are categories of content people are looking for.
      • Have relevant content that people actually want to engage with and share.
    • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Your customers use it every day.
      • Start making videos, they don’t have to be complicated.
      • Regardless of what your video capabilities are, start by adding value, recording, and uploading.
      • How to make your video searchable:
        • Title tag – the searchable keywords need to be in the title.
        • Have a meaty, lengthy description that includes buzzwords.
        • The longer the better, around 500 words.
        • The file you upload needs to include keywords.
          • The biggest mistake is to not have any video content.
    • Facebook and YouTube are not best friends, you need to post your videos on both Facebook and YouTube.
  • Paid Advertising
    • Social media ads are really good because they’re cheap.
      • You can spend $5-$10 and reach 1,000 people.
    • Google ads are good because it’s hot traffic.
      • It’s more expensive to advertise and clicks are higher.
    • Try running both types of ads and include
      • Remarketing
      • Product Listing Ad
      • Lookalike ads
    • You need to be able to track how much you spend and what your return is.
      • You have to learn how to set up your conversion tracking for your advertising.
        • This will help you increase your sales in a predictable and measurable way.
        • Don’t spend money without having the basic setup done.
        • Most people don’t have the basic knowledge that it takes to manage a successful social media campaign.
    • Learn through YouTube and
  • How long does it take for me to get results?
    • People don’t commit to the process.
    • Many small business owners want to know the ROI immediately.
      • You have to think of it as building an asset, you’re building something from nothing.
      • You have to take steps before you get to ROI.
      • It takes 6-12 months to even start to see your business grow from marketing.o
        • The key is to be consistent.
      • This is the most important after you get the knowledge down.
      • Gary Vaynerchuk said: I know exactly how to get a six-pack, but I don’t have one. It all comes down to discipline and consistency.
        • Consistency produces results.
  • Enter the giveaway by going to Episode 10, comment on the podcast.
    • Giving away a logo for your business.

Tweetable Quotes:

“When no one sees your content even though you post all the time, you need to define your social media strategy.”

“There’s no way you’re going to be successful if you don’t have the basics set up.”

“Consistency produces results.”

Resources Mentioned – Podcast website
Dropship Bundles – Dropshipping Hair Extensions
Private Label Extensions – Wholesale Hair Vendor
Grammarly – Grammar checking website
Start a Hair Business Facebook Group – Sherman’s website
Wordpress – Website platform
Shopify – Website platform – Online learning platform
Gary Vaynerchuk – Business builder, owner of VaynerMedia